Washer Extractor

Bharati laundry machines is proud to introduce fully automatic washer extractors which does washing and drying in one machine. This is for commercial/ industrial laundry use. Ideal for hospitals, hotels and laundromats. This is the first time such a product is manufactured by a Kerala based company.

  • Washing & Spin drier combined in one machine reduces the foot print saving expensive real estate costs
  • The heavy duty suspension absorbs most of the vibrations without requirement of special foundations.
  • Heavy suspension system allows machine to be mounted on terrace.
  • High extract speeds of >300G extracts maximum water reducing load on drier & save energy & money.
  • Use of inverter drive allows various speeds to handle wide variety if fabrics.
  • All stainless steel construction of inner/outer drum & external covers.
  • Large die pressed doors for ease of loading & unloading.
  • User  friendly control panel with large LCD display with touch screen operations

Laundry Washing Machine

The Bharati Washing Machine is very rugged in construction, easy to operate ideally suited for heavy duty operations, auto timer and auto for- ward and reverse rotation incorporated. Quick drain valve provided saves washing time. Lifters provided inside the washing drum, gives excellent tumbling action. The inner and outer drum is made out of AISI 304 grade Stainless Steel Sheets and Plates. Externally mounted heavy duty bearing housed gives the machine smooth running. The washing inner drum is perforated and counter embossed die sunk and this gives the drum rigidity and easiness in cleaning. Drive is effected with heavy duty reduction box coupled with motor with multy grooved V belt pully. Maintenance is made simple and no time is wasted. In case required, Sprocket and chain method is also used. It is truly heavy duty in design!

Bharati laundry equipmentsis preferred by customers in India for the energy efficient enviornment friendly design and user friendliness.

Centrifugal Cloth Drier (Hydro Extractor)

Hydro extractor ( Automatic cloth drying laundry equipment)  manufactured by Bharati laundry machines is a very rigid and sturdy machine. This laundry machine can be continuously operated and extracts almost 90 - 95% of the water from the cloths. Since the extraction is due to high speed spinning, the cloths gets much better durability. The Inner Spinning drum is made out of AISI 304 Grade Stainless steel sheet. The outer water collection basket is made of either aluminium or stainless steel. The whole assembly is mounted in heavy duty channel base. Multi bearing combination is used for drive The inner basket is dynamically balanced.
The fixed type hydro extractor is the most popular automatic cloth drying machine used as part of heavy duty laundry equipment in hotels, hospitals and resorts.
Bharati  is the leading laundry equipment manufacturer of fixed type hydro extractor for Kerala as well as neighbouring places like Coimbatore, Nagercoil, Mangalore and Kanyakumari.


 Important-  Good concrete Foundation is essential for this machine.

Tumble Drier

 Tumble dryers are 100% dryers. Tumble dryers are used for drying all kinds of clothes like bed sheets, towels, bed spreads, churidar, sarees, dhotis, gowns etc. Tumble dryers are also used in glove manufacturing units and garment industry. ’BHARATI’ Tumble dryers are widely used in hotels,  hospitals, resorts, ayurvedic hospitals, laundry shops, dry cleaning centers, residential  schools, Ashrams, monasteries, hostels, Industries etc. Tumble dryers are ideal for Kerala monsoon where it is very difficult to get the clothes dried.

Hotels use tumble dryers to get their towels, hand towels and Bed spreads dried. Also the tumbling gives the towels a smooth effect. Hospitals use tumble dryer for drying Bed sheets, Pillow covers, OT clothes etc. Hospitals find ‘BHARATI‘ tumble dryer a great boon when the number of operation theatre clothes increases and hence find the drying of clothes easy. Also tumble dryer save a lot of space for the hospital and hotels compared to sun drying the clothes in the conventional manner. Tumble driers can also be fixed on top of High rise buildings and Apartments.

‘BHARATI Laundry Machines' is the only manufacturer in Kerala, India which manufactures tumble dryer with twin side heating system .These heaters has a long life for 10- 12 years.

‘BHARATI’ tumble dryer is ideal for  heavy duty, commercial use . BHARATI tumble dryers is now the most sought after by those considering to buy laundry machines in India.

Bharati Tumble dryer

Feature Highlights & Advantages.

1) Clothes of any texture are dried completely in the most economical manner.

2) Heating technology applied is Hot Air flow - both radial and axial flow.

3) The heating system used is the most modern technology i.e. air is re-circulated inside by way of a circulated Fan. This avoids loss of heat and conserves energy in working of tumble dryer.

4) Heaters are fixed on both sides to enable free flow of hot air inside the tumbling drum.

5) Specially designed high Silimina content round shape ceramic heaters i.e. the Nichrome wires are embedded in the Ceramic Block.

6) With the above design, failure of heating element in ‘BHARATI’ tumble dryers are minimized and gives at least 10-12 years of life.

7) The hot air circulated through the wet clothes makes the water particle to evaporate which is pushed off the clothes in equal intervals by forced humidity extraction system. Energy regulators are used for this system.

8) Auto reverse system provided in the tumble drier machine enables the cloth to have uniform drying.

9) The door of the tumble dryer is designed in such a way to avoid heat loss.

10) Temperature and time can be controlled to your requirement by thermostat and timer provided.

11) The drums of the tumble drier are Stainless Steel of 304 grade to give long life for the machine.      <

Why Bharati Brand?

•    Energy Efficient Machines.

•    Green & Environmental friendly Machines.

•    User friendly controls.

•    Prompt Service back up<

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