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40 years of laundry machine manufacturing in India

Bharati completed 40 years of excellence in Laundry machine manufacturing in India. Bharati is now regarded as the most dependable laundry machine maker in India. The repeat orders that the company receives from existing clients is the biggest testimony to the quality and care that the company is famous for.

Caritas Hospital in Kottayam, India recently installed their fourth Bharati Laundry machine unit as part of hospital expansion. Ernakulam Medical Centre hospital (EMC) Cochin, India also has installed four units of Bharati Laundry machines in phased manner over the last 13 years.

“We thank all our esteemed customers for the opportunity provided to us in the last 40 years. Their unstinting support has been the biggest source of  joy and encouragement for us” says Mr. P.K.S Menon, M.D of Bharati laundry machines, India.

Bharati has now supplied laundry machines to more than 350 hospitals in Kerala alone, making Bharati the most sought after laundry machine manufacturer in India.

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