Our Company

Bharati Laundry Washing Machines( manufactured by Bharati electrical appliances) manufactures international quality laundry machines in Kerala, India. The company has more than 40 years experience in industrial  products engineering. Our high quality commercial and industrial washing machines have served various sectors such as hospitals, hotels, laundromats, residential schools, special schools, monasteries, gyms etc. Bharati’s industrial and commercial laundry machines have proved to be durable, effective and trouble free.

The direct involvement of the senior management in customer interaction, design and development stages ensures a perfectly customized laundry solution and seamless delivery of services. The company is committed to continuous improvement of its laundry products and services. Positive feedback from customers and their strong recommendations have immensely helped us in our growth.

Bharati laundry machines is the leading and trusted manufacturer of  laundry equipments in India like Laundry washing machines, hydro extractors,tumble dryer, automatic pressing machines, calendaring machines, spotting machines, vacuum ironing tables,trolleys, linen handling accessories and steam boilers. We regularly add to our product list as per the changing needs of our customers. We have now introduced fully automatic washer extractors made with superb build quality. Please be in touch with us to find out the latest in power laundry sector

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Our History

Bharati Electrical Appliances was established in the year 1972. The factory commenced with the production of domestic, electrical appliances and domestic washing machines. The company has at its helm, the very efficient and dynamic Mr.P.K.S.MENON, a graduate electrical engineer and a product of Regional Engineering College, Calicut, now The National Institute of Technology. He is a technocrat whose technical knowhow was the impetuous for us to concentrate solely on industrial washing Machines. Moreover he has been actively involved as well as heading several other institutions including solar energy based manufacturing units. He has also been a guide and enlightenment to several prospective entrepreneurs on the thresh hold of starting up their own industries. He has also shared his trials and tribulations as well as his achievements at his alma mater NIT,Kozhikode (Calicut). He has travelled extensively   all over the the world   and has imbibed technical capabilities to his advantage in running the industry. 

For the past 20 years the company has been concentrating exclusively on the production of Industrial Washing machines under the name ‘Bharati Laundry Machines’.Excellence in manufacturing techniques is our motto. Bharati laundry machines is now regarded as one of the best commercial washing machine makers in India.

Why choose Bharati Laundry Machines?

•    Energy Efficient Machines.

•    Green & Environmental friendly Machines.

•    User friendly controls.

•    Prompt Service back up

•    Technically Qualified Service staff.

•    AMC or CAMC at affordable rates.

•    Staff training programs.

•    Can be operated by unskilled staff.

•    Driers consume low electricity.

•    High Nickel content Stainless Steel used.

•    Use only Genuine parts(Indian&Imported)

•    High Quality Branded Motors.

•    Bearings SKF Indian& Imported.

Bharati Laundry Washing Machines are the manufacturers of international quality laundry machines in India. With more than 40 years  experience in this field, we produce professional commercial washing machines with the highest quality standards for various sectors such as hospitals, hotels, laundromats, residential schools,special schools,monasteries, gyms etc.

 "Bharati" is the leading supplier of industrial laundry machine for hospitals in Kerala, India. We have currently more than 700 installations with excellent track record. Most of the NABH quality accredited private hospitals  have opted to have Bharati commercial laundry machine.

Top resorts in Kerala, South Karnataka and Nilgiris areas are also happy customers of Bharati Laundry equipments.


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