Best quality laundry machines

Quality is top priority for the laundry equipment manufacturer and the customer alike. For heavy duty laundry equipments, high quality in design and components translates to long life, trouble free functioning, better efficiency and savings in running costs. Needless to say, our reputation as the best laundry equipment manufacturer in Kerala is built on the quality of the laundry machines we supply.

Bharati laundry machines- Quality

At Bharati laundry machines, we have been focusing solely on Commercial and Industrial laundry washing machines for a few decades now. Our experience in designing laundry equipments for different industries has helped us to refine the products to suit the demand and thereby improve efficiency and quality.

 Quality of components

 We use high grade Stainless steel for our laundry machines. The 304 grade stainless steel with high nickel content resists corrosion even when in contact with water and detergents continuously. The humid climate in Kerala also requires the highest quality of stainless steel for this purpose.

The bearings used are SKF made and the best available. Our motors undergo rigorous testing and are quality checked to withstand power fluctuations and to run continuously. Our laundry equipments are designed to be used 24/7 if necessary.

Energy efficient industrial washing machine

 We have designed our industrial washing machines to consume less water and electricity thereby reducing energy consumption. The optimized use of water, detergents and other chemicals make Bharati laundry machines more environment friendly. The heavy duty nature of the washing machines and increased efficiency reduces the time required in cleaning and drying. Long life Nichrome Heating element embedded in high alumina content ceramic tubes are used as Heat converters in Bharati tumble driers which is better than international standard for the industry. Heat distribution and high speed tumbling action in our dryers have been well synchronized to reduce drying time. Designing environmentally friendly laundry machines is part of our social responsibility. These measures also reduce the running costs giving customers a faster return on investment.

 Ergonomic design-

 The structure and height of our machines allow for strain free positioning of operators, helping to get better performance.

 User friendly laundry machines-

 Bharati laundry machine manufactures equipments that are user friendly and can be operated without hassles without any technical knowhow. We provide training for client staff for smooth operation of the machines.

 Safety mechanisms

 Our industrial washing machines have in built safety mechanisms to prevent accidents and protect operators from injury.

 Best service back up

 The quality of after sales is as important as product quality. We have a team of well trained service engineers who can respond to any situation in a fast and effective manner. We make sure that you do not lose time in your schedule. Our service team undergoes regular technical training to keep up with changing technology. We have service back up along the length and breadth of Kerala and neighboring cities too.

 If you are looking for the best quality industrial washing machines in India, you need Bharati Laundry machines.