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Washer Extractor

Washer Extractor


Bharati laundry machines is proud to introduce fully automatic washer extractors which does washing and drying in one machine. This is for commercial/ industrial laundry use. Ideal for hospitals, hotels and laundromats. This is the first time such a product is manufactured by a Kerala based company.

  • Washing & Spin drier combined in one machine reduces the foot print saving expensive real estate costs
  • The heavy duty suspension absorbs most of the vibrations without requirement of special foundations.
  • Heavy suspension system allows machine to be mounted on terrace.
  • High extract speeds of >300G extracts maximum water reducing load on drier & save energy & money.
  • Use of inverter drive allows various speeds to handle wide variety if fabrics.
  • All stainless steel construction of inner/outer drum & external covers.
  • Large die pressed doors for ease of loading & unloading.
  • User  friendly control panel with large LCD display with touch screen operations

Model BEWM 15 BEWM 30 BEWM 50
Capacity (kg) 15 30 50
Drum Size/water & consumption (mm/lts) 650*450/150 890x560/348 1020x610/500
Washing speed (rpm) 48 40 37
Low extraction speed(rpm)
400  400 400
High extraction speed (rpm) 950 800 750
G factor (G) 307 318 320
Motor (KW) 2.2/3phase, 415,50Hz 3.2/3phase,415v50Hz 5.5/3phase,415V,50Hz
Electrical Heating power (KW) 9 18 36
Dimension (WxDxH) mm 910x1230x1340 1270x1450x1630 1560x1765x1875
Machine weight (KG) 650 1080 1800