M.K HAJI MEMORIAL HOSPITAL,TIRURANGADI,MALAPPURAM 'We had Installed Bharati Laundry Machines more than 10 years ago.We are delighted to share our personal experience with company that during this COVID-19 time the company had send two service technicians from kochi in two motor bikes riding around 200 kms from their Factory at Kanjiramattom,Ernakulam Dist for attending a service call for the Laundry Machines Installed at our hospital.This we felt is a big gesture from the part of Bharati Industrial Washing Machines and wish them all success'.


CARITAS HOSPITAL,KOTTAYAM DIRECTOR 'We are using Bharati Industrial Washing Machines,kerala for the past 20 years and have purchased machines repeatedly.We found the laundry machines of high quality and the silver lining is the After Sales service of the company for the past 20 years without a breakdown,even during this COVID-19 time we got good service back up from Bharati Laundry Machines,Kochi,Kerala.


Kochis Iconic Dry cleaners,JOS BROTHERS DRY CLEANERS,ERNAKULAM owner Jeff 'We have been using Bharati Laundry Washing machines for about 18 years now and recently purchased a Bharati make Flatbed Press or Automatic Pressing Machine to reduce Labour to Iron bedsheets at a faster Pace and it has been apt for us'


JAJIS INNOVATIONS,KOLLAM, Director Karthik 'We are a Beauty parlour chain with one stop solution for beauty products and Bridal Make up having many number of Outlets in kollam.We had Installed Bharati laundry Machines for the Purpose of washing Turkish Towels and hand towels used by our customers,even though it is white in colour we are finding it now very economical than giving outside for Power Laundries and getting Clean towels and our customers are also giving good feedback'


TATA HOSPITAL,MUNNAR,Secretary 'Iniatially we had Installed machines from a company from Tiruppur since we thought Munnar had connectivity with coimbatore,but to our dismay the machines were not functioning properly and had to disown them after using only for 3 years.So due to this bad experince our parent company Tata Global Beverages limited from Banglore had done a detailed enquiry and recommended Bharati Laundry Machines,Kerala to our hospital.And we are extremely happy with the service and performance of the Industrial Washing machines and other machines..Its ahospital with free treatment to all staff and workers of kannan Devan Plantations(Formerly Tata tea limited)'


K.E MANNANAM SCHOOL,MANNANAM,Director 'We had installed Bharati Laundry machines at our School hostel for over 5 years now.We have around 600 students staying in our hostel and found the Industrial washing machines,Dryers and Automatic Pressing Machines extremely helpful for our students.They can concentrate on there studies too since washing was a time consuming affair for them'

Tulips Elkhill Resorts,Ooty

Tulips Elkhill Resorts,Ooty MD,Sri PLS Reddy," We had Installed a fullfledged Power Laundry For our resort use from M/s Bharati Laundry Machines,Kochi,Kerala and found the machines extremely trustworthy and trouble free.And Since we are located at Ooty,Tamilnadu After Sales service was the major concern for us and the company have provided good support for us.Any compaints that happen will be attended within hrs and during Peak tourist season it has helped us to cater to our needs.Also the Tumble Dryers have been very helpful for us during the winter season and the rainy days"

Muvattupuzha Coop Hospital

Muvattupuzha Coop Hospital,Muvattupuzha 'we had installed Bharati Laundry machines on the roof top and in a way it had saves us from the severe floods that happened recently in Kerala and also saved us lot of space.The Industrial Washing machine Dryer are working well and so far happy with the Performance'.

Pankaja Kasthuri Ayurvedic Medical College

Pankaja Kasthuri Ayurvedic Hospital Medical College,Trivandrum 'We had Installed Bharati Laundry Machines,Dryers Automatic Pressing Machines for our in house purpose.The results have found to be good especially considering our clothes are used in ayurvedic purpose and stain removal is effective'..

Travancore Medical college,Kollam

Travancore Medical College,Kollam 'We had Installed Bharati Industrial Washing Machines for our 750 bedded Medical College Hospital Laundry and its now more than 9 years since the machines are working.Bharati team is also providing us support with CAMC for the Laundry equipments which is giving us hassle free working of machines for our hospital laundry.

White Swan Drycleaners.Kochi

White Swan Drycleaners Power Laundry,Kochi " We have Installed Bharati Industrial Laundry Washing Machine,Dryers,Automatic Pressing Folding Units and accessories for our latest venture in kochi and find the Machines of superior quality.We had opted for Bharati due to After sales service back up and found them helpful especially during Laundry Lay out designing ,Plannning and guiding us to start a new Laundry Project Plan".

TDM Hall,Ernakulam

TDM Hall,Ernakulam Karayogam, Secretary" We have installed Bharati Industrial Washing Machines in our Auditorium.TDM hall in its initiative to go Eco-freindly have introduced Linen table clothes and chair backs replacing Paper table covers which are not environmental friendly.So to wash the linen for our guest house and auditorium we have started using Bharati Laundry Equipments and found it ideal for our purpose".

Avone Laundre,Vakom

AVONE LAUNDRE,VAIKOM,KOTTAYAM,OWNER,'Iam basically a UK returned NRI so like all malayalees who love their home town wanted to start a Laundry shop in a very good manner.So first choice was to go for imported Laundry Machines,then later on decided to go for Indian Made Laundry Machines considering the risk of After Sales service.Finally after a thorough study of the Market decided to buy Bharati Industrial Washing machines considering there proven track record in Laundry Machine business.Iam a very staisfied customer of Bharati Laundry Machines,Thank you'

Muthoot Hospital

Muthoot Hospital,Kozhenchery,Pathanamthitta " Bharati Industrial and Commercial Laundry Washing Machines have helped us immensely in implementing the NABH Standard for our Kerala Hospital In Linen Management ".


Navya Bakes,Angamaly,Ernakulam ,Managing Partner," we are a Bakery group and a Food Industry with more than 20 bakeries in Kochi and trichur district .We had installed Bharati Industrial Laundry Washing machines for our 100 plus staff uniform washing and it has helped us in maintaining our quality standards"

Gilgal Ashwasa Bhavan,Tiruvalla

Pastor Jomon,Gilgal Ashwasa Bhavan,Thiruvalla,Pathanamthitta'We had Purchased a 60Kg Laundry Washing Machine,40Kg Hydro Extractor and Hot water Boiler from Bharati Laundry Equipments co,Kerala,India and we are very much happy about the performance of machines and the After Sales-service provided by the company'.


LISIE HOSPITAL,ERNAKULAM is the one of the largest and Oldest missionary Private hospitals in Kerala,India.We are very proud to be associated with them for there Clothes Management and Cleaning sytem.The Director of Lisie Hospital" we have been using machines from Delhi and Mumabi in the initial days and later on came to know about Bharati Laundry Equipments,Kochi,Kerala from one of the hospitals in kochi and on enquiry got a good feedback and we have Installed the machines and are overall happy with the quality and After Sales service support given by the company.We are also happy to support a Product manufactured in our own Kerala and hope the comapany will carry on the good service and quality"

Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre,kalady

Nagarjuna Ayurvedic Centre,Kalady,Ernakulam,'We had installed Bharati Laundry Machines,Kochi about 3 years back.The Laundry equipments are running smoothly.Our clothes have high content of ayurvedic massage oil and other ayurvedic medicines on it due to our ayuvedic treatment procedure.So to remove it is a tedious job.But the Bharati Laundry Machines are serving our purpose in a good manner and ideal for an Ayurvedic Hospital Clothes washing'.

Athreya Ayurvedic Resort,Kottayam

Athreya Ayurvedic Resort,Kottayam,Dr.Jayakrishnan,"I never expected a company in kerala to manufacture Laundry Machine.Like all steroe typed malayalee i was also of the impression that you get good engineering products only at Coimbatore,Tamilnadu or Banglore,Karnataka.So when i got reference from a doctor friend of mine,I decided to visit their factory near kanjiramattom mosque on Ernakulam-Kottayam road.We were really impressed by the facility of Family run business of Bharati Laundry Machines.They even showed us the cross sections of the inner drum of a washing machine and the Gears and motors used by the company to show the quality of products used.It was infact a good information for me personally.Any way they had changed my false notion about Engineering Industry in Kerala and Iam now a happy customer of Bharati Laundry Machines,Kerala,India.

Perfect Laundry&Drycleaning,Kattapana,Idukki

Mr.Leo Mon Antony,Perfect laundry Drycleaning,Kattapana,Idukki," I was working in a 5 star hotel in Uk for past 6 years,but was fed up with the job and wanted a change.So decided to come back to kerala and start someting of my own.So thought about many Startup Business in kerala and finally decided that Laundry Business project is a good option in Kerala.So next did a market study and research about laundry machine Products and manufactures,for this travelled extensively all over India.what i realized is that many of the companies listed in Google even doesn't have proper Manufacturing faclities and are mostly traders and second hand laundry machine dealers.So in the end i was lucky enough to find a company that had their own manufacturing facility in kerala and accordingly visited there Plant.The Technical wing of Bharati laundry Machines,Kochi even helped in preparing a Laundry Project for submission to financial Institution for awailing Bank loan facility.And By gods grace we Installed all the machines for running a Laundry Business and we are happy with Performance and After sales-Service of the company to geographically difficult terrain like kattapana.Thank you"...

Thangam Hospital,Palakkad

Thangam Hospital,Palakkad CEO,"Due to the proximity to Coimbatore,TamilNadu, Our first choice to buy Laundry Machines for our hospital was from coimbatore.But on enquiring we found out that in Kerala itself there is a good manufacturer of laundry Machines.Our next concern was the service part since Ernakulam is about 160 kms from palakkad where as Coimbatore is nearby for us.But by interacting with the existing customers of Bharati Laundry Machines at Palghat Dist we were quite impressed with there After Sales Service track record and we went ahead and purchased Bharati Laundry Equipments from Ernakulam,Kerala".

Deeksha Power Laundry,Kovalam

Deeksha Power laundry,Kovalam,Trivandrum-"It was a dream for us to start a business in service Industry especially Power Laundry and Drycleaning Business.So finally we started a mechanised Power laundry unit at Kovalam which is an International tourist destination where the demand for laundry is huge.Thats how we installed Bharati Industrial Washing machines from Ernakulam,Kerala.We had visited the manufacturing facility of the company and was satisfed with the quality of the machines.Also after enquiring about the After sales-Service of the company at Trivandrum Dist gave us confidence in starting the business and the advises by the company in setting up a Full fledged Power Laundry Business right from Choosing the location,Plant Lay out,Machinery Layout all helped us in a big way.We are Very happy for the support from the company".


ABAD SeaFood Exports Pvt Ltd,Kochi,Kerala-" we had installed Bharati Laundry Washing Machines for our new Plant in Andhra Pradesh.Since its an export unit, the machines should also meet International standards.We are happy that an Indian Laundry Machine Manufacturer has satisfied our requirement.Since our factory is located near to sea shore the chance of corrosion even for a 304 grade Stainless steel is there.So the company had specially made a Fully stainless steel machine of 316 grade which can withstand even chlorine and high saline content of the atmosphere.We are delighted with the performance of the machines which we are using for washing uniforms for more than 200 factory staff.

Thiruvium Hospital,Nagercoil

Thirvium Hospital,Nagercoil,TamilNadu-"we had installed Bharati Industrial Washing machines from kerala for the past 12 Years and the machines are running smoothly.Any complaint for the machines are usually attended next day itself by the company.we have also take an Annual Maintainence Contract from the company so that machines work uninterrupted ".

Misty Woods Resort,Coorg

Misty Woods Resort,Coorg,Karnataka,MD-"We are running a resort inside a coffee plantation in Coorg.We were outsourcing our clothes in a Laundry shop nearby .But the results were found to be not up to mark since there was a big delay in getting back the Linen and the quality was not up to the mark.So we decided to set up our own facility for laundry.Our top priority was getting a Laundry machine supplier or manufacturer who could provide after sales service in a remote and difficult terrain like kakabay.Finally we installed Bharati make Laundry machines from kochi,Kerala.we are delighted with there After Sales-Service and performance of the Laundry Machines".

Waynad Muslim Orphonage,Waynad

Waynad Muslim Orphonage,Ceo-"Ours is an Orphanage with more than 2000 children from whole over India.So the washing and Drying of clothes is a labourous job.Hence we decided to buy an Industrial Washing Machine.After consulting with many we decided to buy Bharati Laundry Machines,Kerala.We are happy with the performance,quality and After Sales-service of Bharati Laundry Machines.We wish them all the best and hope they continue the goodwill and reputation.

Golds' Gym,Kochi

CEO,Golds' Gym,Kochi' We are an International chain of Fitness training health center so we have to provide neat and cristal clean turkish towels to our clients,so by installing Bharati Laundry Machines we are able to maintain the standard and hygiene of our Fitness center and spa'.

Mr.Kunjumon, Houseboat Owner, Alappuzha

One day morning 10.30 am we received a phone call from one Mr. Kunjumon from Alleppy. Mr. Kunjumon owns 3 big houseboats in Alappuzha backwaters. "I Had purchased a 60 kg washing machine from your company 15 yrs before.Have you by any chance have an electrical component of the machine ?". We just couldn't believe our ears. We had almost forgotten about this customer of ours and in 15 yrs he didn't have any complaints with our machines and is still using the machines supplied by us. What more satisfaction you need as a Manufacturer?

Peeves International School,Nilambur

CEO,Peeves International School,Malappuram,Kerala,India" Ours is an International School in Kerala,where students from all over the world come to study,Naturally the school gives prime preference to hygiene,since we have many boarders staying with us.Hence we bought a laundry machine from Delhi,but we were thoroughly dissappointed since their services were extremely poor.It was then we came to know about Bharati Laundry Machines and we never had a reason for regret after purchasing it,since the Bharati commercial washing machines company are so prompt as well as really meticulous in their after Sales-Service..

RajMahal Ruchi Catering,Thrissur

Mr.Majeed of Rajmahal Ruchi Catering,Trichur,India 'We are a Catering Company based in Thrissur.The biggest challenge in Catering business is to get the the Table sheets,buffet cover,chair back covers,napkins washed in good condition.If there is a marriage party all sorts of food stains will be there in the clothes.So in order to solve the problem,we had installed a set of 'BHARATI' Commercial Washing Machines,India which completely solved our worry about Linen by getting Cristal Clean Linen washed in these machines every time'.

Trichur Heart Hospital,Thrissur

Mr.Prathap Varkey,Vice President of Trichur heart Hospital,Thrissur had this to say 'We had Purchased an Industrial Washing Machine from Bharati Laundry Machines,about 8 years before.The machines hassle free performance as well as the Prompt customer service of Bharati,really bowled us over.So When we had to buy a second machine,the Director board didn't think twice,We all unanimously opted for 'BHARATI' Laundry Machines.We have such Faith in them'.

AVT CSEZ,Kakkanad,Kochi

The Purchase Manager of AVT,CSEZ Kakkanad,Kochi -'We are a 100% Export unit in Kochi and so when we thought about buying a Laundry Washing Machine for the purpose of washing uniforms for our staff we made sure that we buy the Best Laundry Machine in India.And we can say that 'BHARATI' Laundry Machines are technically sound and meet all our Quality and safety standards.We even made a number of site visits to the installations of Bharati Laundry Equipments to ensure the Quality.'

Mary Matha Matriculation Higher Sec School,Theni,TamilNadu

Rev.Fr.Alex of Mary Matha Sec.school,Theni,Tamil Nadu has always spoken in glowing terms about our after sales service.Rev.Alex has these words to tell'Our School has a strength of more than 2000 students.Bharati Laundry machines has greatly helped in maintaining good quality of laundry for our students and made their uniforms sparkling clean'.

Nila Power Laundry,Varkala

Mr.Anil kumar,Partner of Nila Power Laundry has told us that 'BHARATI' Laundry Machines has helped him immensely in his Laundry Business in Kerala and made him the number one Power Laundry unit in Varkala,Trivandrum which caters to a large number of Resorts,Schools and hotels.

Dr.Joys' Hospital,Kochi

Dr.Joy of JOY’S HOSPITAL, Ernakulam,perhaps gave the greatest testimony of our integrity. He told our Managing director,Mr.P.K.S.Menon,while the machine was delivered at his hospital ‘I have such implicit faith in your person that I will give you a blank cheque –I know you will take nothing more than the exact payment for your machine.’

Dr.Nair's Hospital,Kollam

Dr. Mohan of Dr.Nair’s Hospital, Kollam,had this to share – Dhobies have become expensive and unpredictable,labour costs have gone through the roof.During rainy season,there is always delay in getting linen laundered.We have installed ‘Bharati’ Laundry washing machine for the past 3 years and it has turned out to be very economical in the long run.This has given the hospital peace of mind and very good return on investment too.

Vimukthi Special School,Ernakulam

Vimukti Special School,Kalamassery,Ernakulam Principal Omana Madam was quite eloquent in expressing her praise and gratitude to us for providing her children with a motive for coming to the school- they now have a Job, a responsibility of washing and drying of clothes in the machines supplied to them by us.Even though these children are differently abled, the machines are so easy to handle that, the children are quite safe with the machines.

St.Joseph's Home,Kottayam

The Director of St.Joseph’s Home and Jyothi Bhavan, a charitable hospital for cancer at Kottayam, has said that they are really grateful to us for providing them with free life long service for the power laundry machines we had supplied.This was part of Corporate social Responsibility initiative at Bharati Laundry machines, Kerala

Ernakulam Medical Centre

Sri. Gopalan (M.D) of Ernakulam Medical Centre hospital has been a perpetual source of inspiration to us, always showering us with words of encouragement for the way in which we carry out the running up of the factory as well as our after sales services. The four repeated orders of laundry machines in his hospital all ‘Bharati’ made, bear testimony to faith he has in us and our machinery.Our industrial washing machines have been working in his hospital for the past 14 years.

Sunshine Power Laundry,Trivandrum

Mr.Jayaram, Managing partner of Sunshine Power Laundry,Trivandrum, is happy from his words-‘We cannot but help saying that the after sales service rendered by Bharati Laundry machines is really marvellous. In spite of our being a commercial establishment, we are able to perform our duties without a break-Reason- the prompt attendance by the Bharati family to any fault in the machines at the shortest notice.

M.K Haji hospital,Malappuram

The Chairman of M.K.Haji orphanage hospital, Tirurangadi,Malappuram feels that Bharati Laundry Washing Machines are unique in the sense that they have an honest approach to their business relationship. Also their after sales conduct is really note worthy.

Geo Sea Foods,Kochi

The General Manager of Geo Sea Foods,Kochi (A Seafood Export Unit) feels that Bharati Laundry Washing Machines have contributed immensely in providing their staff with clean, hygienic uniforms- a headache solved permanently. Clean hygienic uniforms are a must in the seafood export business where there are regular inspections and tests for bacterial contamination.

Kozhikode Co-op hospital

The Kozhikode Co-operative hospital president, Mr.Kodoth Bharathan, testifies- ‘Since we are a a co-operative hospital, we are answerable to many, but, installing Bharati power laundry machines has really lightened and resolved our main burden of washing and drying hospital linen.

Dhanalakshmi hospital,Kannur

Dhanalakshmi hospital, Kannur- Mr. Dhananjayan, M.D , is also very happy with Bharati. The main attraction for Bharati laundry equipments – a remote place like Kannur gets immediate response to after sales service- even if we tell them our problem at 5p.m in the evening, their person would have rectified the problem by early morning, a task quite impossible to any other supplier of ours..

Sinai Tourist home,Nilambur

Sinai Tourist Home, Nilambur, Malappuram Managing Director Dr.Rony- ‘We wanted to tell you that you are blessed with efficient and faithful workers in your company. My sincere thanks to them.’ As told to Mr.Balram Menon, Director, Bharati laundry machines.

Hotel Spice Grove,Kumily

Mr.Krishna Kumar of Spice Grove, Kumily,Idukki, said- ‘Since our resort is located in a remote place called Anakkara, we were a bit apprehensive regarding the after sales services. But the service back up of Bharati Laundry washing machines are are as crisp and prompt as the functioning of their machines- result- clean hygienic linen 24 hours of the day.

Betsaida Resorts,Trivandrum

Bethsaida Hermitage, a resort in Mulloor ,Trivandrum. This resort caterers only to foreign nationals. Mr.Sajith, the manager said-‘We have many chartered guests coming in groups,from outside India. And since our ayurvedic treatments are based on oil massages, we were finding it very difficult to remove the oil stains and smell to make the clothes neat and fresh.But Bharati Laundry machines solved the problem for us. We can now provide our guests with clean ,neat linen- they are perfectly happy and so are we!